What Types of Things Can a Physiotherapist Help With After a Car Accident?

Posted on: 15 July 2022

If you've been involved in a serious car accident, there is a good chance that your life has been affected in a number of ways. You might have already sought help with recovering from your accident in a few different ways. You might have hired a lawyer for legal help, and you might have seen your doctor or gone to the hospital. There might be one more person who can really help you out while you're recovering, though: a physiotherapist.
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How to Make the Most of Your Personal Trainer

Posted on: 14 September 2021

When you decide to start using a personal trainer, your exercise and weight loss journey will transform for the better. However, if you're going to see the best results, you'll need to put in some effort. Here are some ways you can make the most of your personal trainer. Use a Calorie Tracker If your personal trainer provides you with a nutrition plan, its success will depend on how well you stick to it.
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Why That Gym Membership Is More Than a New Year's Resolution

Posted on: 22 January 2021

Once the new year rolls around, there is a surge in new gym memberships as many individuals want to take advantage of the clean slate that a new year brings so they try to prioritise their wellbeing. Nonetheless, a few weeks into the new year, you may be starting to lose interest in the membership that you paid for and are probably thinking of not renewing it in the coming months.
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Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Yoga Instructor

Posted on: 10 September 2020

Yoga is a popular form of exercise that can contribute to both physical and mental wellbeing. It is therefore important to make sure you choose the right instructor for you before embarking on a class. Here are some things to look out for when choosing a yoga instructor. Type of yoga Firstly, you need to ensure that they are teaching what you want to learn. There are many different types of yoga.
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